The Foodarian

A cancer surviving foodie currently suffering the worst enemy imaginable - FOOD!

Food is the spice of life, essential for surviving, one of my biggest passions but an evil Ive been fighting since 2010.

After four operations and much of the intestine removed each time, my body rejects food!  A constant battle persists in my endeavours to eat and gain weight over and above 35kilos.

Here at The Foodarian Life (TFL), you will find recipes and chronicles of my journey from cancer to recovery.

To date it seems I've spent almost as much time in hospital as out of it, each time I think hope will be the last stay but I refuse to give up.

I simply love food and will continue to fight until completely well and healthy again.

Thanks for visiting, you are welcome to join me in my journey and keep abreast of my progress too.


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